The Sohnland boycotts the 2022 Beijing Olympics

Why The Sohnland is boycotting the 2022 Olympic Games

Around the world we are seeing nations making half hearted measures when it comes to standing up against the likes of the PRC. We believe that the rise in diplomatic boycotts are better than no actions taken.

However, it is simply not enough to change people's minds and to raise awareness about the horrors happening within mainland China. Raising awareness alone does absolutely nothing but it can lead to potential change when enough of it is done due to public pressure.

The Sohnland used to have trade operations in mainland China but were suspended due to false allegations made by CCP government censors calling The Sohnland a threat to national security. Forceful shut down of tacit relations and Sohnlandic operations in China were suspended and relocated to the ROC (Taiwan).

The following screenshot shows the following reasons The Sohnland's social media accounts were closed on Chinese social media.