Addressing Confusion

What Needs To Be Addressed

A statement from Ethan of The Sohnland regarding some misleading mistake:

"Let's take a step back in time to 18th of November 2020 when I made this tweet, I made this announcement to let the community of micronations know that The Sohnland doesn't want or need micronational recognition. I mistakenly referred to micronations as 'micronations' which has lead some to believe that I think The Sohnland isn't a micronation or if we are somehow better than other micronations.

I understand the confusion this has caused and I would like to clarify that I do in fact know The Sohnland is indeed a micronation, that is what we are quite literally. A google definition of a micronation proves this. The Sohnland is like any other micronation, although it may have had a different starting point all those 15 years ago.

Here's why I said 'micronations'.

To be entirely honest here, I don't know Why I did. The two most plausible reasons why was because I didn't know the term "micronation" wasn't an official term in the dictionary the average person would know of. Or the fact I feel cautious about associating with the micronations community due to its incessant drama and unprofessional conduct. I'm not immune to mistakes. I'm not the best when it comes to professional conduct either.

Don't get me wrong I do love the community, it has given me a place to represent my own nation for I didn't even know such a place existed a decade ago. It's a community I love dearly, and I truly feel like this is where I belong. However, I do think the micronational community needs a lot of fixing. I would be interacting more with other micronations, signing treaties, joining micronational organisations and etc, but I'd rather take a step back because drama is around every corner. It's stressful to deal with.

I do dearly apologise for the confusion and this mistake has mislead people quite a bit. Just note that putting all jokes and all mistakes aside, I am not meaning to imply we are 'the best' or that we aren't a micronation. That's not what The Sohnland strives to be."

Thanks for reading and hearing out, have a great day.