The flag and symbol for the state-official ideology has been updated

What Is Happening

The flag to represent the Sohnlandic-Juche Party (SJP) and the official state ideology Sohnlandic-Juche is being changed today.

Why the change

After consideration, Sohnlandic-Juche flag was changed with the reasoning being that the communist style symbolism has fallen out of favour within The Sohnland. With our republic being a proud, liberal, and a free western nation supporting democratic and conservative values. The new flag had some inspiration from the Kuomintang party flag.

You can learn about the flag of Sohnlandic-Juche here.

Is this a permanent change

This change is definitely permanent change given the reasoning why for the change, the old flag will not be returning and will be discarded. Normally changing symbols and flags isn't something we usually do and this will be the last time we will. Our national flag has been in use since 2015, we intend to keep it in use forever and now the new Sohnlandic-Juche flag will become an integral part of our nation just like our national flag has.