New Coat of Arms

Why Was The CoA Changed?

Our leader has listened to feedback from our citizens and will be making changes. The Sohnland once had a purpose of being a territorial condominium but that is no longer the case, so we've dropped the symbols of other nations and counties and have added our own. This change will be made official and constitutional, therefore no new changes after this new edition will ever be made.

Rather than being a territorial condominium, The Sohnland has chosen to go its own way from England and Germany, we shall entirely support our country's way towards greater autonomy, and sovereignty. We shall no longer represent or resemble the states we want to break away from.

What Will Happen To Our Passports and Identification Cards?

The answer to this big question is very simple. All ID cards, Passports, Media, Banknotes and Coins will all be replaced as soon as possible to display the new coat of arms change. Keep in mind that replacements will only take up a tiny amount of our budget; The cost is almost negligible.

What Does The New CoA Mean?

To learn more about this new coat of arms and what the symbolism means, it is suggested you read about it here.