The Sohnland leaving Micronational Organisations

The Sohnland's admittance into the USov

Longhorn, Adonia summit

Solidarity Front spanish speaker program

Previous participation in micronational organisations

The Sohnland has previously joined, left and participated in micronational organisations a multitude of times throughout its recent history. The likes of the previous iterations and the current United Sovereignties, The Solidarity Front, The Harmony Accord and the Sovereign Solidarity Coalition (SSC); From taking part in events, summits, signing treaties and making joint statements, The Sohnland has had a fair amount of time of participation in the micronational community.

Is The Sohnland leaving the USov and the SF?

Currently as of writing this, membership in the Solidarity Front has been terminated at the request of the Sohnlandic head of State, Ethan S. The reasoning behind the departure from the Solidarity Front has been stated and cited to be because of a lack of tangible benefit to The Sohnland membership presented and due to a seeming lack of direction and motivation the organisation has recently shown. Discussions over departing from the United Sovereignties are to continue and a decision yet to be come to.

The future for participation in micronational organisations

These changes are not a result in a change of foreign policy, The Sohnland will continue to maintain its current level of limited interaction with micronations as a whole. The Sohnland as of now is currently not seeking to join any organisations as many lack the longevity and a good balance between professional conduct and less serious discussion. In regards to micronational foreign policy, there will be less participation in organisations and an increase to in person meet ups with official micronational delegations; and no we will not be attending MicroCon 2022 or any of them in the future, just one to one meet ups and smaller summits. We could definitely attend as The Sohnland has the resources and time for such a gathering but due to the personal reasons of the Sohnlandic head of State, attending is never going to happen.