The New Sohnlandic Defence Force

NATO Cooperation

The government is now committed to aligning The Sohnland with NATO. We will be fully cooperative with other western nations when it comes to sending aid, sharing intelligence and military support. We have also decided to modernise our defence capabilities by supplying our voluntary and foreign legions with modern uniforms and equipment. No matter how small of a nation we are, it's our duty to defend freedom and democracy.

Rising tensions over war in Ukraine

As the war in Ukraine pushed beyond 100 days now, fellow citizens have raised concerns over potential further military escalation by the Russian Federation as they continue their crimes against humanity across Ukraine. Citing a range of frightful possibilities such as a hypothetical third world war or Russia bringing conflict to other bordering nations and beyond for the sake of expansionism and modern day imperialism. The Sohnlandic government after hearing this development has taken affirmative action towards increasing military spending and teaching citizens survival training.

Weakening Neutrality

The Sohnland since 24 May 2018 has been in a position of maintaining a firm stance on being neutral in world affairs; Decreased military and defence spending was at a minimum to further emphasise neutrality.