The ruling party of The Sohnland meeting about cryptocurrency concludes

Why a meeting held to discuss cryptocurrencies

A discussion regarding cryptocurrency was about how The Sohnlandic government should implement certain ideas brought up about its potential uses, dangers and how it can be regulated if at all.

There were a lot of ideas and questions thrown around but these are the main ones that stuck with us:

If The Sohnland were to use a cryptocurrency on a national scale, which would it be?

We would if had to make a definite choice, would use Bitcoin due to its widespread use and for being more widely known amongst the general populace as opposed to any other currencies. Don't expect us to use "Dogecoin", "Ethereum" or any others.

Especially not "Non Fungible Tokens", it would be absurd to purchase a link to poorly drawn monkey in someone else's google drive for the price of a car.

Could we mine for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?

This proposal sure is feasible and within our capabilities. However, purchasing and actually running these "digital coin miners" would be an exorbitant price to pay for. Not to mention the very apparent harm to the environment it would be to run "Electricity wasting calculators".

Could we implement Bitcoin as a nationwide currency?

Yes we could but it would be more trouble than its worth for setting up the correct equipment and methods to make cryptocurrency based transactions an everyday part of our lives. It's possible but not practical, even considering the benefits.

What happens now

After discussing ideas and proposals as to what could be done regarding cryptocurrencies, we unaminously came to the conclusion that using this "digital money" was preposterous idea to begin with.

If you were expecting Sohnlandic citizens to go about their day paying and collecting taxes using Bitcoin or anything of the sorts then prepare to be disappointed. The use of cryptocurrency won't be restricted, just advised sagainst.

All text placed in quotation marks are words of Ethan S during the meeting.