Moving on from the micronations community

What Is Happening

All regularly utilised contact points with the members of the micronations community will cease operations after 5 September 2021. Government institutions, services and social media accounts will continue to be operational, changes will be absent.

Only email will be viable method of communication. Messages on all social media accounts will be ignored.

Leaving For The Following Reasons

"A complete withdrawal from not only the micronational community but from all social media contact points wasn't what I had planned, but it's absolutely imperative to do so due to the circumstances. I will be leaving for university by September and I won't have the time, energy or motivation to talk casually on the internet. It's also a mental burden to be in the micronational community." - Ethan of The Sohnland

Leaving For The Following Reasons

"My time in the micronations community was a long one, I've watched it grow and change over the years, as so have I along with it. There have been times where I've laughed, cried and grown up with the community, it has helped me grow as a person. Above all, it has been an amazing journey despite all of the controversies and hardships. I'm glad I found a place like this in my life time where I felt belonging. I'm also glad to have made a positive impact here as so the community has done for me. I would like to personally thank everyone who has been with me along the way, literally everyone. You've all given me memories that I will cherish with me for years to come and I mean it. I wish the whole community the best of luck for whichever direction it is heading in, keep being you. Goodbye." - Ethan of The Sohnland

"I know I'm not supposed to cry because it's over but smile because it happened; I'm certain I will be doing both."