The Sohnland regains control over long lost lands after 8 years

Historical Context

On 26 June 2015, The Sohnland descended in to chaos over being split into different factions after the disbanding of the monarchy. These factions argued over how the country should be run and how the people live their lives. These factions never had functioning governments of their own, but merely cliques that rebelled against each other.

What was to become the Nationalist Party was formed in the Allenton Region and then later exiled to the Carnifron Region before reforming and abandoning Juche and socialist ideas.

The Nationalist Party later re-established contact and control in the Allenton Region before waiting out the rebellion on the mainland. After the faction on the mainland left the region, the Nationalist Party on 30 June 2023 took back the province.

Reclaiming the Sohnlandic Mainland

On 30 June 2023, the Nationalist Party took back the mainland from the rebellious traitors that have previously stepped down and left the region prior. 

Reclaiming The De Jure capital of The Nation

Retaking the Sohnlandic mainland consequently gave back the old imperial capital to the legitimate government of The Sohnland; the Nationalist Party. Dovedon City was reclaimed after 8 long years of exile.

Supreme Leader's Statement On The News

"After arriving in the Carnifron Region from having my government exiled from all other regions, I had immense doubt that I'd ever be able to re-establish control over the full extent of The Sohnland. I thought that eventual demise of my country was soon to be on the horizon. I had no other choice other than to play the waiting game, to not show all of my cards and to bide my time. I got incredibly lucky as I ceased the opportunity to retake the mainland region after those traitors had left before."