The Sohnlandic Civil Dispute Declassified

The civil dispute explained

Ever since the summer of 2015 after the Sohnlandic monarchy was abolished, The Sohnland has been losing control of its territory ever since due to civil, legal and personal disagreements and disputes. This lead to the loss of the Mainland Sohnland Region. During the spring of 2018, The Sohnland was split in two due to internal disagreements between peoples which not only lead to families being torn apart and losing contact, but also a loss in territory and resources.

"Thanks to human misunderstanding and arbitrary grudges, not only has my country been split but I barely see some of my family members anymore. Despite the hell that has happened to all of us and the stone walls between us, I make sure to keep my flag flying high - for The Sohnland still stands" - Ethan of The Sohnland.

What happens now

There have been plans put in place to once again reclaim not only the Mainland Sohnland, but our Allenton Region by buying the lands out right. The Sohnlandic government is planning to retake some of our old lands by spring of 2022 to begin a gradual process of reunification, rejuvenation and self reliance.

"Purchasing new lands and buying back our old ones will be easy but it will take time, just keep in mind that I don't give up that easily." - Ethan of The Sohnland.