New National Press

What Is The New National Press?

The Sohnlandic National Press is a government run news service by the Republic of The Sohnland.

How Does It All Work?

The Sohnlandic government monitors activity in within its borders and picks out what news is the most notable and what might interest people. Or in other cases, The government may use this news outlet to publicise announcements and government updates.

Why A National Press?

It is absolutely vital for a new country to have a news service to get out the latest news updates and important announcements directly from the government. The Sohnland being 15 years old is still relatively new in country standards. News needs to be easy to share and written concisely so everyone regardless of who they are is able to read and catch up on the latest news.

Let's take a second to be honest with ourselves; Having a wiki or Twitter for example be the primary news outlet for your micronation isn't as professional as having your own national wordpress, on your own website.