The Bank & Treasury designs a new banknote

Banknote Information

The third edition of Sohnlandic banknotes was designed and disclosed publicly to twitter on the 14th of January 2022. The trend of designing Sohnlandic banknotes like this in particular started with the introduction of a joke £0 banknote with the original inclination of making fun out of micronational currency value. Due to overwhelming support and praise for the banknote design rather than acknowledging the joke behind it, there have been more and more designs of the same likeness to follow. This lead to the creation of the £10 and later the £5 banknotes.

Banknote design

The third series of banknotes issues by the Bank & Treasury of The Sohnland was created with a unique theme, design and meaning like the notes that came before it. The third edition banknote design was created to celebrate and commemorate the advancements of modern astronomy and the innate human curiosity about the heavens above.

The banknote hidden meaning alludes to the idea of humanity searching for the heavens to find God, only to find nothing up there but the daunting quiet sadness and the optimistic nihilism a meaningless existence and a vast seemingly empty universe presents to us.