The Sohnland Joins The Solidarity Front

Why did The Sohnland join?

Although the Sohnlandic government vows to maintain minimal engagement with the micronational community, we believe it's vital to have input and still make change to not only the community but to micronationalism itself.

Time and time again, we've had people not only on the internet but in real life think micronationalism is merely a group of children doing childish roleplay and of course, acting like children. Declaring fake wars that somehow had no casualties and no fatalities, fabricating a whole space fleet and exaggerating land claims. Squabblings on Twitter about 'who is more powerful and who their allies are', down to dubious inner workings of "the higher ups" and gatekeeping.

Not even mentioning the toxicity and drama that plagues the community of micronations, the general consensus is that this place is just combusting dumpster fire. The Head of State is often embarrassed when someone in his everyday life asks about micronations because they eventually find out about its community. It won't be easy tackling these systemic and deep routed problems, but we have to start somewhere.

What happens now

The Sohnland used to be in the Solidarity Front under observer status, but now we've decided to fully commit to the organisation. The Head of State will be attending meetings and helping with coming up with new ideas for taking on micronational issues and cooperation between members.