The beginning and end of a union, and a loss of a friend

Flag proposal for the United Republics of The Sohnland and New Strathclyde

The flag proposal for this union was unanimously agreed upon by both nations at it humorously shows resemblance to the Union Jack.

The beginning of a new micronational union

On the 21st of January, 2023 at 3:42pm the heads of state of The Sohnland and New Strathclyde both sat down in a pub and had shaken hands in agreement to a new union of both republics. The United Republics of The Sohnland and New Strathclyde was created in name. A formal agreement was yet to be finalised. The union was supposed to be an agreement where both nations would cooperate more on trade and cultural exchange with regular meet ups. The heads of state first met in Glasgow on the 18th of January.

The downfall of the union and the loss of a friend

Due to unfortunate events, the head of state of the Republic of New Strathclyde has ceased contact with everyone in micronationalism and all former friends and close partners; This includes the head of state of The Sohnland. New Strathclyde has ceased all operations and has de facto dissolved entirely. At the time of writing, he is deleting all social media accounts and moving on. The Sohnland in its entirety expresses great sadness to these events. The Sohnlandic head of state states this in his final message to him:

"Going to put out there that I’m never going to forget the times we had in person and online. Even with no photos, I wont forget the time I spent with you. Even in my dying years. I've had some of the happiest times in my life thanks to you. Best of luck pal."