The Sohnland and New Strathclyde Meetup Concludes


Between the 18th and 20th of July, 2022 the heads of state of the Republic of The Sohnland and the Republic of New Strathclyde met up in the city of Derby, England. The whole interaction was not solely meant to be a professional and micronational endeavour but rather simply a meet up between two friends who so happened to be micronationalists.

On the 21st of July, delegations from both The Sohnland and Obscurium met up in public briefly to share words on the micronational community and to exchange gifts.

A new future for micronational diplomacy

The Sohnlandic head of State meeting up with official micronational delegations marks a new period in Sohnlandic diplomacy. For most of the nations' history, The Sohnland has been relatively isolationist when it comes to the community of micronations and interaction, and rarely ever granting other micronations official diplomacy and recognition; Signing treaties was a rarity.

Since late June of 2022, The Sohnland has had real life interactions and meet ups with the heads of state of New Strathclyde and Obscurium later on July 21. During both visits the official delegations met up in public and shared gifts, words and pints of beer. The Sohnland plans to make official micronational meet ups a common practice.