Is Democratisation Possible?

How Is The Sohnland Governed?

The Sohnland is a technocratic republic that is run by a benevolent dictator; Embracing liberal values, a free market and upholding the rule of law.

What does any of this mean?

The Sohnland is a technocracy, which means the country is headed by an elite group of technical experts. The current leader of The Sohnland is a practicing laboratory technician and many people in The Sohnland have expertise in a wide variety of technical fields such as technical/networking engineers, electrical engineers and mechanical engineers.

The Sohnland calls itself a republic whilst having an autocracy is due to the fact The Sohnland was once a monarchy and the name "republic" can simply be used to indicate the lack of a monarchy.

The nation is headed by a benevolent dictator which as the term implies, is a dictator that withholds absolute power over the state and uses that power and authority for the better and welfare of the people, rather than acting in their own selfish interest.

What Is The Chance of A New Democracy?

The possibility of democracy coming to The Sohnland is incredibly low and highly unlikely, but the idea of a hypothetical scenario of democracy taking root is definitely up for discussion and debate.

What Do The People Want?

A survey of the citizens of The Sohnland proves not even they want a change for democracy. They believe their current system of government is the one that truly works and has proven to be the best system devised.

Democracy here is believed to be too unstable and a slow process that can lead to corruption.

The citizens do enjoy a liberal republic and a government that listens to them. Freedom of speech under a dictatorship!? Since when!?